By investing your 1% into MTS at HBC


There are millions of people who need to hear the gospel and be pastored. 

At HBC we've got young men and women ready to be trained to become the next generation of church leaders, evangelists, church planters & pastors.

But we can only afford to raise them with your partnership.

People in the one-percent club commit 1% of their yearly income
to helping HBC keep Training MTS.

The 1% donation is tax-deductible and goes directly to paying the MTS Apprentices Scholarship Allowance.


The Chairman and Chairwoman of the One Percent Club

Sam and Tess Phillips are medical doctors working in Newcastle NSW. They fell in love with HBC in 2013, and each other 2 years later. Tessa’s heart for mission (and secret desire to be a puppeteering evangelist) led her to give MTS a try in 2016. The couple are passionate about serving Jesus with the gifts God has blessed them with and helping others to do the same. That is why they are on about MTS! They love seeing people trained to be the best servants of Christ they can be.

Sam and Tess manage the One Percent Club by overseeing new members, communications to existing members and our annual 1% Club Dinner.

"Having experienced the MTS program ourselves, we want to make sure HBC can keep training up more and more gospel workers for the sake of the lost.
Please chat to us about joining the club!"


Three reasons to give to
MTS Apprentices at HBC

1. Jesus says send out more gospel workers; And we've got a heap of young keen men and women who are keen to have a crack.

2. HBC apprentices are a good investment; We love training them, and they get the character & skills to end up anywhere: Missionaries, CHAPLAINS, Church Planters, Student workers & more.

3. Gifts to MTS APPRENTICES at HBC are fully tax-deductible; That means you get more gospel-worker-training for your investment.


How much is 1%?

Because giving to MTS Apprentices is a tax-deductible donation, it means your 1% goes further.

If you earn $40,000pa
it's just $33 per month

MTS Apprentices get:$400pa

But it only costs you: $270pa
(after you get your tax-return).

If you earn $70,000pa
it's just $58 per month

MTS Apprentices get: $700pa

But it only costs you: $472pa
(after you get your tax-return).

If you earn $100,000pa
it's just $83 per month

MTS Apprentices get: $1000pa

But it only costs you: $630pa
(after you get your tax-return).

If you earn $130,000pa
it's just $108 per month

MTS Apprentices get: $1300pa

But it only costs you: $819pa
(after you get your tax-return).

This table is based upon 2016-2017 ATO individual Income Tax rates. The above rates do not include the Medicare Levy of 1.5%. The exact level of your tax deductibility will vary depending on your present financial circumstances. Please seek assistance from an independent taxation professional for formal guidelines.


We believe gospel workers are shaped, crafted and developed. MTS is the ideal setting to prepare someone for gospel work and further theological study.

At Hunter Bible Church we've been training MTS Apprentices since 2000. God's been kind. He's called people from our church to get trained and go out into the world with the gospel.

But those stories wouldn't be there if it wasn't for people like you sponsoring trainees like them.


some Past Apprentices


Tim & Alison Cocks

Tim and Alison both did MTS with HBC between 2003-2005. After further study Tim is currently the rector at Auburn Anglican Church, helping the believers there reach out to the many cultures living around them.

Josh Allen

Josh did MTS with HBC in 2010-2011. After further study Josh and Sarah have moved to Melbourne to plant a church and reach the people of Footscray.

Chris Webb

Chris did MTS with HBC in 2008-2009. 

Chris and his wife Karen work with CMS and the Broome Anglican Church to take the gospel to the indigenous people of North Western Australia.

SW B-W portrait.jpg


Stew did MTS with HBC from 2003-2004. After further theological education, Stew was part of an Anglican Church planting project in Sydney and is now the rector at the Point Church, Concord.



Geoff & Fi Ackman

Geofe and Fi started MTS single, but by the end of 2010 they were together and looking forward to a lifetime of ministry. Geoff is currently serving on the ministry team at Salt Church, Wollongong.


Simon Elliott

Simon was one of the earliest HBC MTS Apprentices, starting in 2001. Simon went on to to Anglican Church ministry and is now working with the flock at St John's Anglican Cranbourne, VIC.

Pete and Rach Munday.jpg

Pete & Rachael Munday

Starting in 2012, Pete jumped into MTS and showed a deep enthusiasm for seeing God's people love God's word. Rachael started the following year, quickly filling her week meeting with non-Christians. Now married, Pete and Rach continue to work at HBC for Jesus' kingdom.


hugh jonas

Hugh started his apprenticeship in 2010, finding challenges, gifts and skills along the way. Hugh is married to Jess and they work with Tim Cocks in Auburn Anglican Church, Sydney.
Hugh is involved in raising up future apprentices through the MTS Mission Minded conference.

Scott Westwood

Scott is married to Pip and he's the Associate Pastor at Trinity North East Anglican Church in Adelaide. Scott started MTS with HBC in 2012 after years of being a youth leader. Scott's looking forward to training his own apprentices in the future.

IMG_1999_Colour Adjusted (2).JPG

Matt Tyler

Matt did MTS with HBC in 2012-2013, looking after the international students at Unichurch. Matt is married to Ellen and now works as an Assistant Minister at a multicultural Anglican church in Guildford, Sydney. Matt and Ellen are looking at options for serving Jesus overseas.



Ling did MTS with HBC in 2016-2017. Ling grew up in a non-Christian home. Doing MTS and further study at college were not a part of her expected pathway. Ling is thankful for doing church and MTS at HBC as well as the many ways it stretched and trained her for a lifetime of ministry. Ling is looking forward to training MTSers of her own after college. 


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Donations are processed through MTS Pty. Ltd. on behalf of Hunter Bible Church. At the end of each Financial year, MTS will provide you with a tax statement for your tax return.

Otherwise, if you'd like to make a One-Off Donation to MTS Apprentices at Hunter Bible Church, please go here.


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